2018 Conference - Abstract Submission Deadline

2018 ASQRS Quality Conference Call for Papers

The American Society for Quality, Rochester Section (ASQRS) is seeking speakers for the upcoming quality

conference “The Future of Quality – What’s Next?”. The 2018 Conference theme is aimed at demystifying

the latest trends being talked about such as Industry 4.0 or Quality 4.0, and explore how these or other trends

will shape the workplace and marketplace to influence the way we work as quality professionals going into the


Topics of interest include:

The intergenerational workplace. Bridging the gap of retiring Baby Boomers with their hands on

knowledge and experience and the less inexperienced younger generation left behind.

Crucial conversations – Preparing yourself for the difficult conversations needed in today’s workplace.

Starting a New Business – What do I need to know and do for quality?

How are social media, Big Data, and the cloud transforming the way we work?

How to work effectively in virtual teams.

Data visualization techniques that persuade others and transform the work culture.

Information overload – How to reduce the noise to see the signal better?

What are the best practice quality tools for the future. Why or how did they become best practice.

Submission Guidelines:

Abstract submission deadline is June 15th, 2018

Abstract should be 250 words or less for a 45 minute interactive presentation. Briefly describe:

? focus of topic and relevancy to Conference theme.

? what the relevant “take-away” will be from your presentation for the quality leader or the quality “in

the trenches” practitioner.

Submit abstract electronically to Linda Stundtner, Conference Chair at lmstundtner@gmail.com

Notification of acceptance July 11th, 2018

Deadline for submitting presentation Aug 24th, 2018

Event Coordinator:

  •  Linda Stundtner
  •  E: Send Email
  •  T: None Provided

Event Date:

  •  Event Date: 06/15/2018

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