ASQ Rochester Newsletter

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ASQ Rochester - July/August 2022 Newsletter


Some would argue that connecting with others is the purpose of life. Even if you feel differently or you just don’t buy it, the evidence still shows that connection is hugely important.

ASQ Rochester May 2022 Newsletter


I am glad collaboration is a theme for ASQ Rochester this year because it keeps coming up. Two months ago I wrote about collaboration efforts with the Greater Rochester Quality council (GRQC), the Rochester Technology and Manufacturers Association (RTMA), and the ASQ NextGen initiative. Today we now have a collaboration policy to help us maintain and grow these relationships.

ASQ Rochester - March 2022 Newsletter


The past two years have been a challenge for the whole world. Just as in the rest of the world, the pandemic has exacerbated problems and accelerated change for professional associations. ASQ and Rochester ASQ are no exception and some changes have ...

ASQ Rochester - February 2022 Newsletter


It is fortunate that I get enough motivation from my great team and great expectations for the future to carry on. Still, it does make me think of those who came before and cleared the path. ...

ASQ Rochester - January 2022 Newsletter


Well, we made it to 2022. It has been a long two years for the world and it seems turmoil is not quite finished but I see hope. I have seen what ASQ Rochester has done last year and I know the future is bright.

ASQ Rochester October 2021 Newsletter


I am truly looking forward to the day when we are done with this Covid 19 pandemic! Despite it all, we are continuing to rejuvenate the section!!! We had a great spring, and we are not yet done with 2021. We have a great team of true quality professional leaders setting up for an even better 2022!!!

ASQ Rochester September 2021 Newsletter


We hosted two virtual meetings with great presentations from Ed Biernat on Bullet Proofing your Supply Chain and Hiloni Bhavsar on Never Let a Crisis go to Waste. Thank you, Franklin Allen, for developing the methodology to deliver these programs virtually!

ASQ Rochester May - June 2021 Newsletter


Spring is here! Lawn mowing is in full swing, and Summer is finally approaching! It is so relieving to see the success of the Covid 19 vaccination program and life beginning to become normal, although likely different in many ways. For ASQ Rochester, not only is it coming together, but in many areas it already has come!!!

ASQ Rochester April 2021 Newsletter


Conference: I am very excited to say we have paid the deposit and signed the contract for our Conference planned for October 21st! Rasa Clair and the conference committee are doing a great job! Keep a look out for a Call for Papers and other information! I am optimistic that this conference will be a super reunion for Rochester quality professionals!!!

ASQ Rochester March 2021 Newsletter


In December, our regional director appointed our section’s leadership committee to revitalize our section. Eric Alden: Chair, Virginia Carr: Treasurer, and Lori Cohen: Secretary. We have been working hard pulling many great individuals together, and I am proud to say that this year’s 2021 programs and activities are coming together! It is hard to believe we are already in March! It has been a most incredibly unusual year. We need to take a moment of silence to respect those whom we have lost and be so grateful of the many that have recovered. I am going to focus on the positive and give thanks to all the quality professionals involved in all aspects of our lives! Vaccines have been developed and validated; many employees have learned how to successfully work remotely; supply chains have been restored and food supplies have been maintained. Excitingly, NASA and JPL successfully placed a new rover on Mars!!! I am optimistic that life will become normal again and that the lost jobs will return!!!

February is “Love your Quality Professional Month”!!!


Welcome again to the Rochester Section of the American Society for Quality! I cannot believe January has already past us and we are into February. Our leadership committee has been revitalized and we are enthusiastically putting the plans together to make our brainstormed events come to fruition! The key to revitalization is sufficient ingredients and an environment to ignite a spontaneous reaction called SYNERGY!!!

ASQ Rochester Welcome and Introduction to 2021


Happy New Year and Welcome to ASQ Rochester Section’s 2021 Revival Initiative. I am Eric Alden and I along with Virginia Carr and Lori Cohen have been asked to lead this initiative. I cannot believe it has been over 15 years since I last led the section. For those that know me ...

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